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Stanley - Divito Realestate - Black Realtor

Stanley Latortue

Realtor at Divito Real Estate

Hello, my name is Stanley.  I was born and raised in South Florida.  I have had 26 years in combined sales experience ranging from door to door sales as a young  entrepreneur, retail car sales and Residential Real estate Investment sales to your Realtor for South Florida.  My goal and passion is to help you  with the  biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life; Buying a home. Home is where your life happens. That’s why  choosing  the right  real estate professional agent  to work  with should be  your second biggest  important decision.  On the surface, it may seem that all real estate agents basically do the same job, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like all professionals; experience, skills, integrity, professionalism and personality vary greatly from person to person, which is what I can personally bring to the table.     Here are some important  things you should know about any prospective real estate professional you’re considering working with:  Their background. Real estate agents come from all walks of life. While some have been born and raised in real estate, others come from a wide variety of previous careers. Knowing an agent’s background will shed some light on what they may or may not be able to bring to the table.  The second key is.. How many transactions they closed last year. Whether they work with buyers, sellers or both, find out how many deals your agent closed last year. This will give you some good insight when it comes to their productivity.  Third, whether or not they are part of a team. Some agents work solo, some work with a partner, and others work as part of a team made up of several members. If you’re dealing with an agent team, find out what the various team members are responsible for and who you’ll be dealing with for each stage of the process. As for myself,  Divito Real Estate Group is not only a family but  Team that believe in Building a relationship with our Clients for many years to come ,These days, reviews have a lot of influence of whether or not you want to do business with a prospective company. Ask your prospective agent if they can direct you toward any online ratings and reviews. If they don’t participate in review sites, ask for past clients you can reach out to which can tell you a lot about your sale’s Agent.  Last but not least, Their tech competency. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the home-buying and -selling process. Check out your agent’s social media sites, what mobile technology they’ll incorporate to facilitate the process, and how they use digital documents and web-based programs to keep the process running more smoothly. Divito Real Estate Group along with StaniamRealEstate.com  is one, if not the biggest Leader in this category with Tech Competency and resources.  With all of this being said, You should also select an agent with whom you have good chemistry and trust with. You will be close allies in the process of finding and securing your home, so a great relationship matters a lot especially to me. I speak fluent Real Estate so feel free to ask me something. Contact me today StanIamrealestate@gmail.com for more tips on choosing a real estate agent to guide you through your future dream Home. Looking forward to meeting you. 🙂

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