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Guide To Selling Your Home


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It’s All About You

My real estate business is built around one guiding principle: It’s all about you.


I Will Help You By …

  1. Taking time to understand your wants, needs, and expectations; answering your questions; returning your phone calls and emails the same day; and being honest with you at all times.
  2. Helping you obtain the highest possible price for your house in the shortest amount of time.
  3. Advising you on pricing and staging once I have evaluated your home thoroughly against the market.
  4. Implementing a comprehensive marketing plan to expose your house for buyers through as many channels as possible.
  5. Coordinating the home-showing process with your family’s needs in mind.
  6. Presenting all offers, and advising you on the terms and contingencies contained within.
  7. Negotiating on your behalf for the best offer.
  8. Scheduling and coordinating completion of contingencies and inspections, and monitoring the buyer’s loan process.
  9. Coordinating and supervising the preparation of all real estate closing documents, and guiding your through the closing process.
  10. During the entire listing, from start to finish, always representing YOUR best interests.

It’s all about you!

Get Ready to List

What will it sell for?

The market tells us how much your home is worth. I will advise you on pricing after my thorough analysis of your property compared to the market, and with my recommendation, you will make the final decision.

Five Factors Affecting the Value of Your Property

  1. Price – Based on Recent Sales

Comparable homes in the area that have recently sold are how buyers and their agents will determine the fair market value for your home.

  1. Location

Location is one of the most important factors in determining the value of your property.

  1. Condition

The condition of the property affects the price and the speed of the sale.

  • Prospective buyers often make purchases based on emotion, so first impressions are important.
  • I’ll advise you in optimizing the physical appearance of your home to maximize the buyer’s perception of value.
  1. Competition

Prospective buyers are going to compare your property—both the condition and the price—to other active listings in and around your neighborhood. In order to get buyers’ attention away from your competition and focused on your home, we will be competitive by properly pricing and staging your home.

  1. Timing

Property values are affected by the current real estate market. Because we can’t manipulate the market, we’ll collaborate on a pricing and marketing strategy that will take advantage of the first 30 days your property is listed. It’s the window of opportunity when buyers and their agents discover your property and are most likely to visit and make offers.

Of these five factors, you can only change two: the price and the condition.


Get Ready to Sell – Price

  • A well-priced home creates interest, attracts buyers, generates showings, and produces offers, all very quickly.
  • An underpriced home will attract buyers and may sell quickly, yet may detract buyers who wonder “what’s wrong with it?” as well as be overlooked by buyers looking in a slightly higher price range.
  • An overpriced home will be evidenced by lack of interest, few showings, no offers, a longer time on the market, and possibly price cuts—which look bad from the buyer’s prospective.


Even though it’s true that a lower price will attract more viewings, it doesn’t ensure a sale, and may not meet your financial goal.

Get Ready to Sell – Condition

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

  • Most buyers make decisions about the property they see within the first 15 seconds of entering the home.
  • Homes in great condition attract more interest and offers, and tend to sell for more than homes in less than great condition.

Staging Makes the Difference

Decluttering and improving the general cleanliness and condition of the home is what we call “staging.”

When a seller stages their home, one of two things happens:

  1. The home becomes more valuable than other comparable properties in that price range.
  2. More buyers become interested and make offers allowing you to sell faster and for more money.

Stand Out From the Crowd

  1. Start at the curb of your house, notice any maintenance or landscaping issues (chipped front door paint, poor outside lighting, dirty windows, overgrown bushes and hedges, cluttered walkway and driveway, etc.)
  2. Inside the home, observe … is it tidy, clean, and odor-free? Does the layout of furnishings allow for easy flow?
  3. Throughout the house, make note of any areas that need painting or repair, and check flooring for wear and cleanliness.
  4. Will the buyer be able to see themselves in the property, or will they be too reminded of your family? Make note of family photos and personal items that can be packed away.

Questions for You

Your answers to these questions will guide me in how to best serve you.

We’ll discuss them when we meet.


  1. What is the most important thing you are looking for in your listing agent?




  1. What prior real estate transaction experiences have you had?




  1. How would you like to be communicated with?


Email               Phone            Text                 Other (explain)


  1. How frequently would you like an update on marketing?


Weekly            Twice a month            After each showing                 Other (explain)


  1. How frequently would you like an update on showings?


Weekly            Twice a month            After each showing                 Other (explain)



  1. Please list what you are most concerned about in the marketing and selling process (buyer qualifications, showing procedures, open house, possession, pricing, negotiations, and other issues).



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