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6 Ways to Keep Your Head Straight During Investment Challenges

by Ali Boone Here’s the thing though. Or, here’s some good news at least. Quite often, what investors perceive to be a crucial deal-breaking problem isn’t always that bad. Now, that’s not to say that legitimately bad disasters haven’t happened in real estate — they happen all the time. But at the same time, it’s … Read more

6 Signs You’re Buying a Bad Deal

6 Signs You’re Buying a Bad Deal Finding deals is becoming more and more of a challenge for many real estate investors today. Some seem to be stretching a little too far in order to stay active and keep up their volume. There are deals to be found—just make sure you are watching out for … Read more

Plan Asset Rules: Read This Before Investing Your Retirement Funds!

Plan Asset Rules: Read This Before Investing Your Retirement Funds! This article does not constitute legal advice. We recommend you seek the counsel of an attorney familiar with your specific situation and market to ensure you make the best decisions within your real estate business. When it comes to your retirement accounts, you don’t just … Read more

3 Ways to Eliminate Mortgage Debt

3 Ways to Eliminate Mortgage Debt When I was just starting out, I didn’t have much money to invest or purchase investment properties. And out of that necessity came creativity. This is probably why 100 percent of the properties in my portfolio I’ve accumulated over my career have involved some form of leverage. The shorthand … Read more

9 Design Tricks for a Home Office That Will Make You Instantly More Productive

Working from home seems like the dream when you’re stuck at the office. Sweatpants! Pour-over coffee! Lunch at that cute cafe in the neighborhood! TV—whenever you want! And, work … well, that will happen sometime, right? The reality is much less exciting. Sure, there’s freedom. But there are also distractions galore, all of which hamper … Read more