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The Big Advantage Real Estate Investing Has Over Stocks

The Big Advantage Real Estate Investing Has Over Stocks

If you’re an investor or simply researching investing options, you’ve probably heard the question debated: “Is investing in real estate better than the stock market?”

We might be a bit biased, but today, we’re going to delve into the argument for why real estate is superior.


In this video, Matt Faircloth shares two big reasons that real estate makes a better investment and explains exactly why:

  • If you’re an active investor, you’re controlling your investment. You’re present for the day-to-day investing activities, which might include finding deals, rehabbing properties, and locating great tenants. In other words, you’re able to execute actions that can benefit how your investment makes money, unlike in the stock market, where you have little to do with actions that affect stock price.
  • If you’re a passive investor, you have collateral. That collateral may be in the form of owning property or owning a chunk of property. Or maybe you’re a lender, meaning you have collateral in the form of a loan. If you’re smart, you can use that to control your investment, unlike in the stock market.

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